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Volume 1 (Issues 1 through 6 are unavailable)
No. 12 Jul/Aug '04
Book Binding
No. 11 Apr/May'04
No. 10 Feb/Mar '04
      • folding a book
      • binding ideas
      • 2 model books
       • privacy
       • getting a voice
       • layout ideas
       • add visuals
        • charts
        • wheels
        • RGB vs CMYK
        • basket templates
No. 9 Dec/Jan '04
Sign & Symbol
No. 8 Nov/Dec '03
3-D Elements
No. 7 Sep/Oct '03
Page Layout
       historical facts
       binding ideas
       2 model books
       pop ups
       paper weavings
       moving sculptures
       cutting holes
       embelish with folds
       medieval drôlieries
              to copy and use
       make a journal mosaic
       cut 'n' fold paper


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