What's in it for you?

Our Guarantee:

  1. Speculative investments belong on wall Street.
         Should any subscriber feel we missed our mandate to deliver high quality hand made book arts,
         we'll be so embarrassed we'll return his money. Period.
  2. Four issues at 50% off retail delivered to your door
         as they are completed and published. A regular delivery schedule is rare because achieving perfection
         takes as long as it takes. However, subscribers receive art that is well worth the wait. If not, refer
         to #1 above.
  3. Shipping is on us
         right to your mailbox.

  4. We promptly replace product and pay for return shipping
         for goods damaged in transit. We insist our name appear only on products in excellent condition

Features & Benefits

WINGIN' IT is hands-on and interactive
arts instruct, entertain and engage on many levels (hover
        over list for detail)
              • Cut outs and visual reveals
              • Pop ups
              • Sculptural elements
              • Moving parts
              • Tempates and instructions

WINGIN' IT is offbeat yet rewarding
              • Visually stimulating
              • Informative
              • Fun
              • Historically accurate
              • Unexpected diversity

              • Thoroughly investigated
              • Relevant


WINGIN' IT is inspiring
              • Historians get intrigued
              • Teachers get classroom ideas
              • Artists get working models
              • Bibliophiles get well made & conceived books

WINGIN' IT reflects on you
              • Intellectually stimulating
              • Scholarly but not highbrow
              • Intelligent but not pedantic
              • Impressive presentation
              • Well-spoken


Jacqueline Ernst. All rights reserved.