Special Edition -- Ex Libris

Volume 2, Number 8
November / December 2005

A special tribute celebrates Ex Libris, the art of the custom made book plate. The assortment is housed in a specially designed template you can use to create your own self-contained collection. A ten-page illustrated booklet neatly traces the history of this almost lost art. The packet features12 postcards fully documenting historical bookplates created for important elements of California history: Charles Chaplin, Francis J. Conaty, Frank and Mary Gibson, William Ingraham Kip, Jack London, Willard S. Morse, Dr. Homer Clifton Oatman, University of Califonria, Leota Woy, Rudolph Valentino, and Emma K. Willits.

The set is accurately researched and creatively preserved in a gift package suitable for California history buffs, book arts lovers, and librarians everywhere. Additionally the entire presentation may be mailed and comes embellished with artistamps created by author, Jacqueline Ernst.

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Jacqueline Ernst. All rights reserved.