Includes two issues in a special sculpture-embellished presentation box:
Volume 4, Number 4 -- January - March 2014
Volume 4, Number 5 -- April - June 2014.

ON THE ROCKS tells the complete story of rock-art through two 40-page, illustrated, sculpture-embellished monographs. Both hand bound books are housed in a bevel-edged presentation box with a hand-sculpted petroglyph by artist, John Sparagna, inset into the lid. Like a stratified archaeological dig, ON THE ROCKS offers a multi-layered art and literary experience to enhance your book collection.

The two-issue edition is limited to 100 signed and numbered boxed sets.

Part 1 -- Turn To Stone (Vol. 4, No. 4) offers a bed rock foundation for the study of Geoglyphs, Pictographs, and Petroglyphs. Learn how these Paleolithic art forms were made, dated, categorized, and evaluated. Uncover why rock-art is still pursued by Native American, African, and Australian societies.

Added benefit: tipped into every issue of Part 1 is a separate 24-page illustrated, saddle stitched codex. From the author's research travels, each booklet picks out the characteristic styles of petroglyphs from the American Southwest (their cultural context, plus where, and when each developed).

Extra Inspiration: Complete instructions, over 30 authentic designs, and a triad of 3-D models help you make your own petroglyph embellishments and jewelry.

Part 2 -- Stone Walled (Vol. 4, No. 5) digs into the mystery, local color, and controversies that accompanied the discovery and evaluation of prehistoric rock-art. Pertinent notes on preserving and protecting these priceless examples of cultural heritage accompany tips on understanding the meaning behind modern rock-art designs.

One more plus: A 14-page, saddle stitched mini codex is tipped into each issue of Part 2. Discover locations throughout the US where documented examples of rock art may be viewed.

PRESENTATION BOX: Neenah 120# Classic Linen Duplex Cover. Canyon Brown over Avalanche
BOX INSERT: Neenah, 80# Classic Laid Cover, Camel Hair
MONOGRAPH: Part 1 -- 40 pages, 38 illustrations, ribbon tied saddle stitch
Part 2 -- 40 pages, 32 illustrations, ribbon tied saddle stitch
COVERS: Brown ink on Neenah 80# Cover Classic Laid, Camel Hair
SPINES: Neenah, 80# Egg Shell Cover, Canyon Brown
BODIES:   Black ink on Royal Sundance, 70# Text Fiber, Cream
PRICE:       $260.00 (shipping included)


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