Volume 2, Number 11
May / June 2006


Cowabunga! Here's the beef! Take stock (that's a cattleman's pun) of this moo-tivational issue. Well marbled with juicy bites at the cattle industry, Jaki's text cuts to the bone with no bull about the way your meat is raised, graded, and marketed. Includes some zany, slightly bizarre (but nonetheless true) adventures and lots of illustrations in a tasty 30-page concertina book. Lasso two bovine gift box templates in the bargain - (1) your own barn (complete with cow and bull!) and (2) a peep show featuring a purple cow (you'd rather see than be one)!

Milk Have A Cow for all its worth! Ruminate over the Prime cow art. There are plenty of Choice history facts to chew, too! Rope and tie your Select copy now! Or better yet - grab the bull by the horns and hang on for the best time - subscribe to Wingin'It and get 4 artfully fun issues!

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Jacqueline Ernst. All rights reserved.