Volume 3, Number 10
November / December 2010

The Age of Chivalry - Part 1
Knight Life

    "A sword age, a wind age, a wolf age..." The Sibyl's prophecy echoes throughout this amply illustrated issue of WINGIN' IT. Noble acts, which today define "chivalry", were rare in medieval times. Yet the ballads of dark age troubadours and overtones of King Arthur's magical court persist. Modern quests still include a search for The Holy Grail. Pursue your own adventure and discover the truth behind every knight's shield and war hammer. But beware -- not every man clad in an armor suit is a true knight!

   Knight Life uses period art to illuminate murky medieval manners that guided and chequed the king's mounted men. Discover how a horse soldier's lady, his sworn allegiance, his heraldic achievement, and ultimately the elaborate protocol of his final march, defined him through the all-important ocular of medieval life -- social status. A Knight's Fee kept him grounded in an agricultural feudal system but the degree of his heraldic achievement determined his place at court and in the community. Follow the life of a horse soldier from seven years of age through award of his accolade at twenty one, to his last extravagance -- a long and costly funeral! The lure of valuable rewards and challenging adventure attracted the best and the worst medieval youths to the rich man's prestigious but precarious gamble known as knighthood. Like the knights this issue uncovers, WINGIN' IT goes boldly forth dressed to kill!

Free your creative spirit with the contents of an envelope of Knightly Pursuits included in each publication. Templates and easy instructions for creating medieval mobiles, 3D greeting cards, gothic frames, armored book marks, and gift tags shaped like rampant lions are some of the ransom you'll receive in The Age of Chivalry - Part 1.

    5.5" x 5.5" x .25", 40 pages, 27 illustrations, concertina format with self covers, black soy-based ink on 100% recycled Environment Text, 24 pound Desert Storm. Each publication includes an envelope of templates printed on 20 pound white bond, and comes belly-banded, sealed with a signature artistamp, and enclosed in a clear protective wrapper.

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