Volume 3, Number 3
May / June 2007

Persia — Poetic Passion


The Written Word
Part II
Persia Poetic Passion

WINGIN' IT becomes your flying carpet in this illustrative overview of Persia's long and literate history. Second in our series, The Written Word*, Volume 3, Number 3 presents what masters and mystics both consider to be the epitome of calligraphic genius. Persian poetry offers more than challenging writing formulas. Persia's most prominent cultural characteristic is a history of unparalleled excellence in combining not only literary and auditory skills, but also visual mastery in crafting the written word.

This issue's 40 pages vibrate with visuals. Glimpse the inside of books, journals, letters, and Muslim mosques. A 17-inch foldout unfurls Persia's literary giants. A 24-page miniature book (an additional hand stitched bonus) reveals an entire zoological garden of representational calligraphy. Appreciate exquisite artistic examples of historic Islamic diversity, Iranian achievements in hand lettered excellence, and the literary vitality Persian style lends The Written Word. Order your copy of Persia — Poetic Passion now.

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* The first part of the series introduced Ancient Scripts (see Vol. 3, No. 2).

Jacqueline Ernst. All rights reserved.