Volume 3, Number 4
May / June 2008

Runes — Celtic Connection


The Written Word
Part III
Runes Celtic Connection

Beating time, time, time in a sort of runic rhyme...
Edgar Allan Poe

Part Three of our series, The Written Word* , pulses with ancient pagan wisdom and early Christian symbolism to introduce the knot that ties all modern Europeans to a common ancestry. Celtic myths and magic are woven through forty bewitching pages of Volume 3, Number 4. History and captivating illustrations devine druidic truth. Ancient stories of superheroes, originally preserved by monks and popularized in Medieval times, are revealed in Runes -- Celtic Connection. They constitute the oldest surviving written literature in Europe. Yet literary evidence of fearsome Keltoi warrior tribes is elusive. Discover the real Celts when WINGIN' IT introduces the archaeological finds of Hallstatt and La Tène, uncovers ancient runestones and picture stele, and shows you how to write and read your creative future using an ancient Futhark alphabet. Incorporate runic revelations into your own art. Determine if ancient charms hold mysterious power beyond the intrigue of their curious graphics. Discover how to easily plot and draw intricately entwined knot patterns. Create a giftable book mark to embellish with interlaced ribbon designs. This issue discloses the most fantastic and complicated initials ever created and provides numerous line renderings that characterize early Irish and Anglo-Saxon manuscript lettering. Connect with European heritage as WINGIN' IT transports you to the last outposts of the known world! Order your copy of Runes, Celtic Connection now before the fairies and sprites of the Western Isles catch you empty-handed!

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* The
first part of the series introduces Ancient Scripts (Vol. 3, No. 2),while the second installment details Persia -- Poetic Passion (Vol. 3, No. 3).

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