Volume 3, Number 8
January / February 2010

Making Merry -
Postscripts on Communal Joy
and the History of Celebration


Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez! Our pocket-sized compendium about celebrating boasts 58 full color reproductions of real postage stamps from around the globe. Unfold 58 pages of historical intrigue and discover 51 festivals where you can party hearty all over our wild earth.

The story of communal celebration is suffused with suppression and subjugation. But it also illustrates how the indomitable human spirit prevails despite hardship, oppression, and all odds against ecstatic transcendence. Be amazed and amused by the diverse and inventive ways people deliver joy to the world.

Find a wealth of creative instructions for making your own ethnic party favors tucked inside a Chinese hongboa. Attend a Madagascar family reunion and dance with a skeleton! Take to Talkeetna, Alaska, for their Moose Droppings Festival. Discover why everyone smiles all day during Tibet's national holiday, Zabling Chi Sang (World Incense Day).

Making Merry delights and entertains on many levels. Give a copy to a friend -- what a marvelous memento commemorating any personal celebration.

Written and designed by Jaki Ernst, a limited edition of 100. 5-1/2" x 3-5/8", 54 pages, 58 color illustrations tipped in, self cover concertina with slip case.

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Jacqueline Ernst. All rights reserved.