Volume 4, Number 1
January - March 2013

In the Wake of Perfume -- On the Nose

In the Wake of Perfume
Part I
On the Nose

Bound with a cinnamon stick, the cover locks closed with a clever overflap that tucks under the nose. This first of our series, In the Wake of Perfume, pays homage to ancient aromatics. From the sacred to the profane, our sexiest release yet addresses how the limbic center of the brain sorts olfactory stimuli. In other words, this issue smells out the truth about why humans react to both the foul and the fragrant. Your most neglected sense triggers surprising responses you probably don't even realize.

Two extra concertina booklets are included in this publication. On the Nose Gifts - 6 Recipes and Gift tags features recipes for making scented herbal bath salts, massage oil, lip balm, after shave, pomanders and more. About Face - Herbal Fixers and Elixirs is a two-faced exposť of antique and modern beauty treatments, home remedies, and herbal potions. You can easily reproduce all the modern concoctions from readily available ingredients, but the historical mixtures once crafted to defy the aging process call for hard-to-come-by oddities like a baby raven fed on hard boiled eggs. Finding that might add a wrinkle to your brow.

Inside the clever tab-locked cover, you'll discover the secrets of Cleopatra's boudoir and learn how Renaissance ladies revealed their desire. This monograph also distills the myth and magic of aphrodisiacs and the ancient art of alchemy so closely aligned with perfumery. From secret workshops behind fashionable 18th century scent shops to modern scientists' rootbeer-scented petunias, our illustrated, uncensored mixed bouquet of art, science, literature, and anthropology is informative, entertaining, and just a bit erotic.

On The Nose
5 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 1/4" + cinnamon stick, ribbon bound, saddle stitched, cover stock: Classic Crest, Peppered Moss, 80# cover. 40 pages printed two sides black and white, body stock: Classic Crest, Sawgrass, 70# text. 20 black and white illustrations.

On the Nose Gifts - 6 Recipes and Gift Tags
3 1/2" x 4 1/2" x 1/16",
16 pages printed in 3 colors on Classic Crest, Millstone, 70# text.

About Face - Herbal Fixers and Elixirs
3 1/2" x 3 5/8" x 1/16" 18 pages, black, Classic Crest, Sawgrass, 70# text. Embellished with artistamps and tied with a string.

$26.00 (USA price, shipping included)

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