Volume 4, Number 2
April - June 2013

Jaki's Tips -- A Circus of Ideas for Enhancing the Page

Jaki's Tips - A Circus of Ideas for Enhancing the Page

We deliver illustrated, hand-bound, scholarly monographs and entertaining artist's books to discerning collectors and subscribers. To celebrate our 10th anniversary, WINGIN' IT is releasing our first full-color publication. Volume 4 Number 2 is a pocket-sized packet of 5 booklets loaded with get-'em-at-a-glance tips for embellishing your journals, sketchbooks, scrapbooks and personal correspondence.

It's already packaged! This self-contained reference set can be used again and again. You'll be much appreciated for your foresight and thoughtfulness when you present this gift packed with easy-to-implement ideas. Give yourself or a friend license to loosen up, have fun, and explore the possibilities of the blank page.

Refresh your soul. Rejuvenate your record books. Add pizazz to your pages.

Use the showcased examples to springboard from Jaki's suggestions to your own unique self-expression. Frame thoughts. Compose yourself. Recharge a diary. Add life to letters.

Cleverly compact packaging stores upright or flat on a shelf. Keep close at hand to play with all the fun concepts revealed inside.

Literally draw pictures with the words and phrases that you write. Visually embellish words to make them show as well as tell a story. Jaki's Tips presents lots of examples that integrate words and pictures into one layout on your page.

Who can give you lots of page-turning solutions to try? What is the one thing to avoid when mailing handmade postcards from foreign post offices? Where can you sacrifice readability for the sake of storytelling? When can you add punch to your page with gesso? Why are unexpected delays golden moments for sketchbookers? And how can you travel hands-free, yet still have sketchbook and art supplies at your fingertips?

Find fun, foolproof answers to these questions and more when you open WINGIN' IT Volume 4 Number 2. Buy it now for $45.00.

Jaki's Tips - A Circus of Ideas for Enhancing the Page
5-5/8" x 4-3/8" x 3/8" enclosure of White Lynx Opaque Cover 100#. Five booklets 5-1/2" x 4-1/4". 36 illustrations. Each booklet features eight pages printed in full color on one side and folded from a tabloid sheet of White Mohawk Color Copy 98 Writting Text 28#.

$45.00 (USA price, shipping included)

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