Volume 4, Number 3
July / September 2013

Fakes, Frauds & Forgeries
Part 2
- Watermarks - Invisible Artwork

WINGIN' IT establishes a new watermark by focusing its sights on -- the invisible!

Watermarks are elusive designs made of bent wire. Their outline image becomes incorporated into a sheet of paper during the production process. They may be seen only when the sheet of paper is held in front of a light source. The rest of the time they remain hidden but highly effective for revealing a paper's source and history. Thus they are part of the fingerprint a piece of paper possesses.

Known and widely used since 1282, watermarks have been afforded little attention by art historians. However, shadowy history won't deter WINGIN' IT from disclosing their ongoing role in jurisprudence, art conservation, document dating, historical research, criminal contravention, home decorating, and fine art production.

Indeed, since the fourteenth century, watermark usage has been protected and legally recognized. They are the oldest known, and longest employed expression of the concepts behind product branding and trademarking.

Step back 790 years to discover just how this insignificant paper mark acquired continuous, worldwide recognition.

Watermarking has moved seamlessly into the digital age to enable covert transmissions of data for tracking copyright infringement. Modern researchers are now developing new ways to study antique watermark designs. Filigranology attracts art and book conservators, paper and art historians, forensic scientists, and criminologists alike. All look to the hard-to-see watermark to provide insights into the history and properties of documents, books, currency, music manuscripts, and works of art on paper.

WINGIN' IT turns the art of bending wire into a mind-bending good read! This issue includes related art projects you can create at home.

5.75" x 5.75" x .25", 36 pages, 42 illustrations. Hand stitched and glued in a three signature codex, digitally printed using black, soy based ink on 100% recycled Environment, 80 pound Woodstock text enclosed in a Classic Linen, Augusta Green, 80 pound cover with 80 pound text end papers of Environment, Willow. Limited edition: 100 copies signed and numbered.

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Jacqueline Ernst. All rights reserved.