Volume 3, Number 12
February / March 2012

Penmanship -- Footnotes and Flourishes

The Written Word
Part V
Penmanship -- Footnotes and Flourishes

Trace the outline of discovery as WINGIN' IT scribes a bold swash through the history of handwriting. Fifth in our series, The Written Word*, Volume 3 Number 12, presents 40 pages plus a stitch bound, gate folded mini book of 18 ornamental freehand pen flourishes. Instructions for drawing a 14th century cadel and creating a wearable initial as well as templates for making a calligraphy-decorated butterfly wreath are also included.

Loaded with more than 55 period visuals and examples by noted masters of pencraft, this issue gives you a definitive understanding of how handwriting evolved in the Western world. Gender bias definitely perfumed the parchment. Many male instructors boasted inflated egos clearly evidenced in copy books filled with flamboyant flourishes and inked eccentricities. Nevertheless, their dedication to instilling the finer points of craftsmanship improved their students' self esteem. Practicing penmanship still develops fine motor skills, moral values, and self confidence. Having a good hand indicates the writer values the recipient, the act of corresponding, and the ability to communicate in an attractive, eye-pleasing manner. The fact that today's public schools advocate abolishing instruction in cursive writing forces the craft to the brink of extinction. Ironically, obsolescence creates value which adds a unique twist to the historic legacy presented in PENMANSHIP -- Footnotes and Flourishes.

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* Part I of THE WRITTEN WORD introduces Ancient Scripts (Vol 3, No 2). Part II describes the epitomy of calligraphy in Persia -- Poetic Passion (Vol 3, No 3). Part III covers Runes -- The Celtic Connection (Vol 3, No4), while Part IV is an illustrated history of how Western literature was saved by The Holy Roman Empire -- Sinners, Saints, and Saviors (Vol 3, No 6).


Jacqueline Ernst. All rights reserved.