Written Word Gift Set


Our gift box presents context, meaning, and historical inspiration. The 5 issue slipcased set includes:

Ancient Scripts - Step back 5700 years. Discover Bronze Age Chinese writing, Mesoamerican
                          pictograms, hieroglyphic charts, and cuneiform cypher wheels. Meet the
                          ancient gods who created writing.

Persian Poetry  - The epitome of calligraphic genius vibrates with visuals extolling the
                          excellence of Persia's hand lettered literature. Includes a 24-page hand
                          stitched mini book of representational calligraphy.

Runes              - Pulses with pagan wisdom, and early Christian symbolism to introduce the
                          knot that ties modern Europeans - Celtic myth and magic.

The Holy Roman Empire - Picture and prose reveal ancient Rome, glittering Byzantium, and
                          Charlemagne's scandalous but scholarly Carolingian court. Discover how all
                          of Western thought was preserved for posterity.

Penmanship      - Trace the history of handwriting with 55 period visuals. Learn                            how handwritting evolved as laptops and mobile phones put us on the                            verge of extinction of the hand written word.

Each edition includes working models for bookbinding techniques, pullouts, and templates
                          to make reliquary alter boxes, moving art, Celtic knots and more.

 Penmanship Details

$100.00 (USA price, shipping included)

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